Sodis Shake and

          Water Walk   


Water Poems

by Louisa

by Amisadai

Click on the photo to see my Toilet Poem performed in a toilet seat!

Water Walk

Rolling up my khanga, Twisting coloured cloth

Putting on my head, soft like a cushion

Lifting up my bucket

Starting on my way.

Walking through the grass, itching on my legs

Stepping over rubbish, thorns prickling my feet

I see a big brown river

Splashing children catching fish.

Dropping down my khanga and my big blue bucket

I collect my water, splashing full and dirty brown

I wash my sweaty face

To cool and refresh.

Then rolling up my khanga, twisting coloured cloth

Putting on my head, soft like a cushion

Lifting up my bucket full

Starting my way home



The hand wash machine,

Oh, the hand wash machine,

A tippy tap is what I mean.

See the straight sticks,

A stick as a pedal,

Tied with string to a bottle.

Tap with your toe

And water will flow.

Trickle and splosh

Tippy tap wash.



A Cinquain


Germs spread

From hand to hand

When you’ve been to the loo

Wash your hands with soap and water

Kill germs.


The SODIS Shake

Splish splosh, shake the bottle,

Time for a SODIS shake

Shake it hard, slosh and bubble,

Fill to brim … place on tin,

Sitting in the sun.

Six hours later, glad we’ve waited,

Now it’s not contaminated!

So this is how we SODIS,

You see it’s simple and it’s safe.





My Water Walk


I leave my house at dawn,

                and start my water walk.

I walk along a path of thorns,

                some piercing my feet.


I walk slowly past the football pitch,

                where shouting boys kick and run.

I pass a deserted market stall

                rotten food under my feet.


I walk along the dusty path,

                through fields of drooping maize.

Bamboo branches waving in the wind

                long itchy grass tickling my feet.


Biting ants come marching

               come marching up my legs

I slide down the muddy bank,

                then bathe my dreary feet.


As I drop my bucket,

                it swallows the dirty water.

I pull it out again,

                it drips down on my feet.


I start my journey back,

                through all I have just passed.

I reach my house at lunchtime

                and drop the bucket at my feet.


(A Cinquain)

A Glittering Pool


Shining with light

Gleaming and glittering

Smooth small ripples on its surface