Sodis Shake and

          Water Walk   



Do you know ...?

1. How many bottles of water it would take to fill one of our friend, Andy's rainwater harvesting tanks?


2. How many times you go to the toilet in a year?


3. How big Lake Victoria is?


4. How much water you use every day?





Rainwater-harvesting Tanks

One of Andy's rainwater tanks holds 22 000L of water or 14,667 (1.5L) bottles!


Going to the Toilet

The average number of times a person goes to the toilet in a year is 2040! That is 6 .5 times a day!


We did a test over a week to find the average number of times we go the toilet and our average was 3.5 times a day. Mum says we can't be drinking enough!


You could tally how many times your family goes to the toilet every day over a week and take an average as well. See if your results are different!


Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria has a surface area of 68,800 square kilometres and is Africa’s largest lake. It is the world’s second-largest freshwater lake (After Lake Superior).


Water Usage

You can find out how much water you use with a "water calculator" like the one here:


We looked at some statistics online and saw that American families can use over 1000L a day! And in the UK, the average for a family of 4 is 600L a day!

A rainwater harvesting tank


We decided to see how much water we used on average each day living in the village. Because we collect buckets of water to use, it was fairly easy to keep track of how many buckets we filled up and used for washing ourselves and dishes (and a few clothes) and also how many water bottles we drank over six days.


Average Water Used per day: 30L

Note: about 50% of the total water used was for drinking.


When we live in the village we appreciate more how valuable water is because it is so hard to get. We use very little and reuse water as much as we can too. We use more water when we are not living in the village because we have a shower and because it just comes out of a tap, we use more when we wash up the dishes. But we still don’t use as much as people in other countries! This is because often we don’t have running water, so we use less when we get it out of a bucket because we are always trying to save it and make it last. Also we don’t have a washing machine or a dishwasher or a bath.

How much water do you use in your home?